High-Quality Instruments on Hand

Our shop has a wide variety of string instruments you can choose from. Check out our collections from guitars, ukuleles, violins, to rondalla Instruments. They are made with high-quality materials and made by the masters of our shop. You may still request some minor customizations if you buy a pre-made instrument from us. Here at Eimers Guitars, it’s all about individuality.

Customization Jobs

We are the king of guitar customizations. Our luthiers are well-experienced in meeting and more often, exceed the expectations of our customers. They spend time in understanding what the customers want in terms of the look and feel of their guitars. We pay attention to details from the body, neck, up to the nut of your guitar. We are sure to present you options and suggestions during the question and answer portion. It will be best if you have everything mapped out in terms of what you want. But if you are not sure where to start, we are here for you.

Eimers Guitars Guide to Customization Requests

Fill Out Our form

Our customers will be asked to fill out a service request form. We ask our customers to fill out a form, so we could provide updates regarding the status of their request, and the form serves as a documentation of the whole job order.

Meet Our Luthier

We give importance to our customers’ customization requests. We aim for perfection and sophistication because that’s who we are. You will meet our luthier who will be in charge of your request. We will work with you on every detail you want.

Regular Updates

We will start working on your request after we have arrived at the specifics of your guitar. We will send you updates about the status of your request and will advise you once your guitar is ready for pick-up.