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Guitar Restoration Services

Our guitar is one of our most precious collection. So, if you have a guitar that has seen better days, bring it to our shop. We will assess the damage and repairs necessary to make it look like brand new. We make guitars, so we surely know how to restore one. Our masters will do their magic, so you could play with your favorite guitar just like the old times.

Other Services

Eimers Guitars can do the minor maintenance for you. Usually, the strings are the fastest to wear out. To produce good music, everything should in line and up to par. If you think that your guitar is not sounding its best, then let us help you.

Acoustic and Classic Guitar Re-String

You can avail our services to re-string your acoustic or classic guitar. Whether you need pc or set re-string, we got you covered.

Tuning with Pickup and Height Adjustment

No matter what strings you use even the best brand, your guitar won’t sound beautifully without proper tuning. To get best crispness and maximum tone with each pluck, bring your guitar to us. We handle tuning with pickup and height adjustment at the shop.

Installation of Guitar End Pin

This process requires drilling. If the drilling is not done correctly, it may cause some damage to your guitar. Your guitar might not sound as good as it used to be or worst, it may damage the body. Don’t take that risk.

Saddle/Bridge (Set) Replacement

Saddle/bridge usually lasts for a long time, but it is not exempted to wear and tear. Our shop has a wide variety of brands to choose from. The best part is we will do the installation for you. If you have a specific brand we don’t cater, you may shop online and we can just do the installation part.

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