More Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids How to Play an Instrument

Back in the old days, parents obliged their children to learn how to play at least two instruments. This was the common arrangement back in 1960’s specially for wealthy families. Incorporating music to the lives of their children is something of value because it has so many benefits. It was not only good for their children’s social status but also, it is a great way to unleash hidden potentials during early stage of their children’s life.

Playing an Instrument Increases Creativity

Have you noticed why these classics such as Symphony No.5 in C minor of Beethoven and O mio babbino caro of Puccini, Für Elise of Beethoven are still alive even at this modern age? It is simple. These pieces are written by legends, and they are worth listening to because of their dynamic and beautifully written notes. If you dig deeper on the biographies of these legends, you’ll know how playing their instrument helped them to be creative and win in life.

It Stimulates Learning

Studies shows, that children who were introduced to piano, guitars, and other stringed instruments, were the ones who excelled in math and other subjects in school. Playing instrument trains your brain through sounds.

Music Gives Hope

Playing music is a good way of releasing stress. This is something music writers would understand as most of their compositions are related to their personal life. In the case of Beethoven’s deafness, he was unsure of what his future beholds. But then, music grabbed him back to his feet and he was able to perform music that we all thought was impossible.

Start Early

So parents, don’t miss out on this. It’s good that you introduce them to an instrument at an early age. Start with musical toys for your toddlers. It’s a good way to plant to their subconscious mind that music is fun. Or if you decide to be serious about this, you can have your child’s first instrument to be customized, so it’ll be perfect for their little fingers.

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